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Dedicated Reps

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Hi, Larry Murphy again with Gofish solutions at GoFish.Rocks. So one of the other things we found was that like, when you’re using these bigger reservation systems is you got to talk to a call center. If you’re lucky, most of the time you get to go talk to a chat bot, you know, or you’re going to send an email or go fill out a form and then wait, wait, while everything could be locked up, closed down, you can’t open or whatever. And it’s, it’s just seems inexcusable for these services. Not to have something like, Hey, I know a dedicated rep. So when we have a client come in here, we give you a dedicated rep. That’s your guy or girl, you can call them day or night. They know everything about how you set up your business, how you configure your trips, what your trip types run. When they run, how much they run, all these things. Because after you’ve explained at once, we don’t want that lost. And then we go to another person or you go to a call center and they’re like, what’s your name? And who are you? So that’s all frustrating and stuff. And we don’t want to be part of that. So we want to make sure that you get one person that once you’ve known them, if you have a problem, you could reach out to them. They’re familiar to you. You guys have a relationship and you can just get back to work and we can quickly understand what your problem is and communicate that to whoever we need to, to get your problem resolved, done dedicated reps away to go, GoFish.Rocks. Give us a call.