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GoFish coming to your town

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How are you doing? I’m Larry from GoFish.Rocks home of the 99 cent online booking. So I just wanted to let you know, we’re going to be heading into your area rest of this month and next month, as I travel around and I meet some of our local reps, give us some more training muscle running around all the different harbors and ports. I love to see them. I fly my drone around and get some great footage, meet a bunch of the captains, kind of get a little bit more, uh, direct connection with them to understand where they are having troubles or where they’re not, where they’re happy and where they’re not. It’s been actually really a good eye-opener, the more we speak. I find a lot of these guys that I’m talking to, you have some great ideas that haven’t ever been transferred over to the software. So kind of soaking that up over here. Anyway, I’d love to just be able to stop by and see you remember 99 cents a booking the convenience fee you flick it on the customer pays. You don’t pay anything no matter what you’re paying, that’s less. And we’d love to be able to show you a lot more. We have a lot of stuff that we offer for you guys. Go for your GoFish.Rocks. Give us a call (805) 871-0044. You’ll be glad you did.