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I hate March

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Transcription for hearing impaired

Hi, this is Larry from GoFish.Rock it’s March. Everybody’s been waiting for opening season. The winds blowing every day, the trips are getting canceled, left and right. I hate March and I hate the wind because we make no money on windy days. The trip happens and then doesn’t happen. If you cancel, there’s no fees, we don’t charge anything. We have the same skin in the game as you, when you don’t get paid, unfortunately, we don’t get paid. So we feel yet, but I wanted to tell you one other thing that is nice. Our system set up to like, when you got to cancel to the side, you can click the button and it blasts out secure text messages to all your passengers and when they get the text message, they, when they click on it and they go to the next screen, you’re able to have a little check mark on your manifest. That guy got it from this IP number at this time of day on this date. So, you know, he got the message. So you’re not gonna sit there and wait on the phone and keep calling and calling to tell everybody what they already know. March sucks. Windy, give us a call. Go for GoFish.Rock. Doesn’t have to hurt as bad as it does.