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Time to start a new system

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Hi, Larry with go fish. I wanted to just talk a minute about something. I hear a lot, and that is, ah, I have the new, a new system. We’ve had this system for 15 years. It’s fine. Is it? And I’m just wondering how many of you out there have a flip phone? Have you moved on to certain technology, but not others? Why it’s a lot of work. It was a lot of work setting up your iPhone. Then they have a new one every two years. And yet you get the new one a lot of times, or at least every three years. But as far as the systems go, it’s up pain and we all know it’s a pain, but the bottom line is isn’t your iPhone better than your flip phone. You eventually crossed over and now, you know, and you’re so glad it’s such a better world. Give us a call, check it out. Why not? And also the last thing I wanted to see is the, I know the other problem is migrating all my orders. I have the seasons running. I got all of these trips. I couldn’t possibly do this. Well. I mean maybe, but have you tried because usually you, if you just were to like clone all your trips over to another system and then just cut over, like it happens every day with all kinds of systems, you don’t even see them change. The customer’s not going to see them change and will. Yeah, they will cause our stuff’s way better. But as far as the back end, you learn the backend. When you’re ready to flip the two over, it doesn’t have to be hard. Remember we don’t charge any setup fees. There’s no monthly contract. There’s no anything we don’t want to make you feel like we’re trying to trap you. 99 cents per booking goes to the customer. You pay nothing really. You only get to spend like 10 minutes stuck on the phone talking to me, then you’ll probably see. You want to get a demo, try it out. Give us a call at go fish dot rocks.