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What is GoFish

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Hi, Larry Murphy of Gofish Solutions at GoFish Rocks again, a lot of people like to be on the camera. I’m not one of them. I wanted to talk a minute about our booking platform. So basically what we did was we made an application that you can go in and create all your trips, all your different trip types, different ticket types, all woven in with the communication system that you can change all the messaging.

So it’s all completely branded. Your terms and conditions, your cancelation policies, and you can update it on the fly from anything. So that way you have like total control of everything that you need to do to run your business and all staying on our flat rate, we do everything at $99 per passenger, per trip. And the system is set up so you can absorb the trip, but you might as well click a button and the passenger receives a 99 cent convenience fee. Now, you don’t have to pay anything.

 We don’t want to touch your money. That’s the biggest thing. I mean, if you guys work long day and you have to deal with the weather and obviously the government and everything else and the credit card companies, everybody taking a slice. So we wanted to just be able to give you everything you need and virtually for nothing. If you let the passenger pay the $99, you don’t pay anything.

 You connect it to your credit card processors. So the money goes right to you like it always does. We don’t touch your money, and that way we keep everybody nice and honest. You don’t have to trust us. We have to trust you.

 That’s nice, right? So anyway, I think if you look at our system, you’ll see that you can handle just about any kind of trip you can throw at us. And what’s nice about our system is that it evolves practically daily. We actually talk to all the boats and landing and we get very close with them. And we really want to understand what doesn’t it do that you needed to do what’s slowing you down.

 And they seem to be pretty excited about that because most people don’t want to hear their opinion. Oh, it works this way and we have to do this and this. And we’re always asking why? Because we’re writing the software. Why can’t we just make it better?

 So we keep changing it all the time. So by the time you’ve seen this, there’s probably been ten more developments in our system and there’ll be ten more next month. And as long as everybody keeps telling us what’s going to make it better, it will be better and we’ll keep it on the flat rate. And if you keep it to the passenger, that’s going to go out and have fun, he pays the $99. It’ll always be free for you.

So that’s it. Go visit us at GoFish Rocks. Call us, ask us for a demo just so you know there’s no set up costs. You don’t pay any money unless the trip is fulfilled. If a trip is canceled there’s no charges from us either.

So you really have no out of pocket get expense at all. So if you’re paying anything we’re less.