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Free Fisherman Platform offers a suite of software solutions focused on the Sportfishing and Whale Watching industries. Inspired to improve the fishermans experience on the web when searching for where and when to fish? Or go whale watching? And what the best boat would be to book your trip. Providing tools to search through historical fishcounts allows you to search for one or more types of a certain fish. What day or month did you want to watch for this fish type? Where did you want to fish? Where else is pulling in the haul that you are looking at? Instead of scanning through endless pages of read only tables of 2 dimensional lists you can now run a report and set up mobile alerts to notify you the moment the fish are caught. Less time reading and scanning through boring data and more time getting to it!

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Boat captains log every fish they catch daily and our software provides a simple and engaging platform to research fish trends. You can choose a specific fish you’re most interested in catching and track when that fish is biting. Search previous month or any specific time period in the past.

You are able to find trends for any fish that is biting.

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Sign up for our alert system today, If you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of catching your favorite fish. Choose up to 5 fish that you’re interested in tracking and the time period you want to be notified. If you prefer you can limit your alerts to a specific boat. Each day when the boat captain log’s their daily catch you will be alerted immediately by text or email. You will have the best chance of finding an open fishing spot since you’ll be on the VIP alert list.

Follow the steps below to manage your alerts

Login to your account and you will see the options below:

Click on your Profile if you need to change your email address or phone number

Click on the View Alerts button to manage your alerts and click on the edit button on the right

You are now able to change the fish you would like to catch or the boat you want to be alerted by or the date you want your alerts to come.

Adjust Your Alerts

Make adjustments anytime you want by logging into your account. We will only notify you of the information you requested. We will never send any information other than the fish alert.

  • Adjust the notification period
  • Choose a different fish or add another fish
  • Choose a different boat or add another boat

Don’t miss out! Get an immediate notification the day your favorite fish is biting!

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