You receive all of the following features and services:

All these services are all covered by a flat fee of $.99 cents per guest

When a guest books with you, this convenience fee is displayed as a separate line item that is billed to the guest. We do not take any of your money, and you keep 100% of your charges.
You can create custom line items to bill guests at checkout that can cover services like harbor fees, fuel fees, processing fees, pole rentals, fish cleaning, bait and tackle, and anything else that you want guests to pay for.
You can exclude the convenience fee from your checkout process. You still receive a reimbursement statement for 99 cents per ticket booked through GoFish.

Because our system only charges a convenience fee when tickets are booked, there’s no cost when your trips are not running. Flat fee systems require you to pay even when you’re not running and not using them. Any boat captain will tell you that it’s common for trips to get cancelled for weather, and more recently for public health concerns as well. The bottom line is that flat fee solutions are not designed to be cost effective for charter boats, whale watching, deep sea fishing, or other travel experiences on the sea that are dependent on fair weather conditions.

For most percentage based booking solutions, you will pay several times more than the equivalent of 99 cents per ticket, especially if they lack custom line item functions.

Our messaging features allow you to send text messages and emails notifying guests of trip confirmations and/or cancellations. Our system verifies that these messages were received by your guests, so there is no need to call to check-in with each guest to make sure they know the trip is either on or off. This saves you many hours and the cost of administrative time. Because text messages have a 99% open rate, it is actually MORE reliable than calling.

Ultimately, our pricing method and all the services that support it gives you the ultimate flexibility.

Yes! You can put a credit card on file for automatic payments. We will still provide you with detailed statements.
We have worked to make it easy for your guests to book quickly and easily in order to help keep your events booked. We can provide you with an updated website if needed to help show off your trips and persuade more guests to book with you. We’re a software developer and marketing agency specializing in custom work. This means we can build custom features and support your business’ technical needs in any way that is needed.