Get all the waivers signed by your guests digitally before the trip

Our ROLE system is a true no-contact solution that allows you to secure waivers from all your guests prior to their trip. When your guests book a trip with you, our system sends them digital versions of all your waiver documents.
Guests sign these waivers from their cellphone, then the signed documents are sent to you. Our system stores a digital copy of all your waivers forever on the cloud.
  • Customize the exact Release of Liability Waiver text that you want Passengers to sign
  • Quickly verify which passengers have secured a Release of Liability Waiver
  • Quickly and easily resend Waivers when needed
  • Reduces onboarding time
  • The system stores all your records for the lifetime for your access
  • Eliminates the need for paper, ink, storage and physical admin work
  • Backup and export your Release of Liability Waiver files at any time

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

R.OL.E. – Release of Liability Electronically is an electronic waiver solution that helps boat captains and landing managers handle passenger waiver documentation in a 100% digital solution.
Charter boats have always required Passenger Releases of Liability to cover normal board-at-your-own-risk issues, and now, the Coronavirus pandemic has added another potential liability for boats. The R.OL.E. Solution by GoFish provides a way to distribute your Releases of Liability electronically.
ROLE Blast

ROLE Blast is a feature in your Landing/Boat Manager that integrates the ROLE agreement with the booking process.

Digitally Signed

The message will contain a link of ROLE agreement where your customer can check all the acknowledgements, sign the waiver and he/she is good to go with the booking

Just One Click

Nothing can be easier than this, just one click and the agreement will reach to your customer’s email and SMS inbox.

24x7 Access

All the data of your guests Liability Waivers and booking details can be downloaded to your computer anytime which you can access 24x7

GoFish is an investment of years of research and development

Why we created a better way to help people go fishing?

We’ve worked in marketing with sportfishing and whale watching operations for years, and we saw the problems that they experience in their bookings, like high fees, not owing their own data, and being held back by data workflows.

We listened to what boat captains and landing managers said they wanted in a booking solution, then we build GoFish.
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