In addition to our advanced fish count, we also provide a myriad of marketing and technical services to help you to build your fishing business.

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Digital Agency Services For Sportfishing and Charter Boats

We are a professional software development firm, and we’re also a digital marketing and design agency. We can create and implement A to Z digital marketing campaigns for your boat, landing, and charter business including:

  • Web Design / Web Develop
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Web Design / Web Development

We can build and design a modern website to provide fishermen with details about your crew, trip information, booking information, pictures from your trips, and everything else people like to know before booking with you.

  • Site design
  • Custom feature development
  • Ecommerce

Digital Marketing and Advertising

We can create awareness for your trips, boat, and landing. Through Google Searches, Paid Ads, and Social Media we can help anglers searching for fishing trips in your area find and book you, and we can reach new people who don’t know about your trips, provide special offers, and persuade them to book a trip with you.

  • Strategy development
  • Campaign management
  • Content marketing
  • Growth marketing

Search Engine Marketing, Traffic Building and SEO

We can send traffic to your website and get people to book with you. We can get your website organically ranked in Google Searches and place Paid Ads for your boat or landing nearly anywhere. The result of this service is that when people search for fishing or whale watching trips near your location, they will see your business and visit your site.

  • SEO
  • Paid traffic
  • Lead generation

Social Media Marketing

We can grow your customer base through social media marketing. We show off your trips and experiences to existing customers and new people in your local area, and work to drive more people to book with you. Our social media services:

  • Content creation and original posting
  • Facebook page management
  • Facebook Ads

Campaign Management

We give you a home base to promote your trips, attract new customers to your business, and work to retain your existing customers. The result of our marketing and design services is you’re able to maximize your local market and establish your boat or landing as the go-to resource for sportfishing in your region.

  • Full scale campaign management
  • Ongoing support
  • Multi-channel reporting
  • ROI analysis
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Digital Marketing by GoFish
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We have built marketing strategies for sportfishing and boat charters that have resulted in millions of website visitors and new customers for our clients from all over the world

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