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GoFish.Rocks has extensive booking features that help you run your business effectively and save you money!


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Low 99¢ per-passenger Fee

While many of our competitors charge based on a percentage of your price, GoFish.Rocks has a simple, low, per-passenger fee. Whatever the ticket price, we provide the same level of services to you, so we charge the same price.

If you are being charged a percentage fee from your current reservation and booking provider, we believe that GoFish.Rocks can save you money. In many cases the savings can be substantial. Click below to learn more and use our pricing calculators to find out how much you can save.

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Free Booking Cancellations

We know that many fishing boat, charter boat, and boat tour businesses end uip with a lot of cancelled bookings regularly. Most often due to weather or other natural factors beyond your control. That's why we don't charge our fee for a cancelled booking. If the passenger doesn't take the trip, or the boat can't run, you don't get paid, so we don't either.

When a trip individual booking is cancelled, the booking fee that was charged becomes a credit. If the passenger re-books the trip using the credit, then the original fee stays, we only charge the one single booking fee for the cancellation and rebooking. If the passenger is refunded, then our fees become a credit that will be deducted from later booking fees.

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