Client Testimonial

Our company is named Sergio's Sportfishing Center and we are located in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. We specialize in offering sportfishing trips throughout the year and whale watching during the winter months, with the United States market being our main source of income. Although we have had an internet presence since 1997, it was not until 2012 that our customers were able to purchase their trips directly online by paying with their credit or debit cards.

During the year of 2021, the company that was providing us the reservations and purchases by phone and online system informed us that they were definitely withdrawing from the market after the summer of 2021, this as a consequence of the difficulties they had during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our company really panicked since we had not established a new system for reservations and sales. Once we were disconnected from the online reservations and sales system, a few weeks passed before I started to think that perhaps we could give up sales with credit cards, but it did not take long for me to realize that our company was not going to be able to survive without online sales.

I started making some calls to find a new provider that could offer us a reservation software system and a card purchase platform as well. Eventually, I received a call from GoFish.Rocks asking us if we were interested in acquiring their reservation system, we let them know about our problem and we were immediately contacted by Larry Murphy, who began to introduce us to their system.

I realized that there was a big difference between the previous system and that of GoFish, my work team was very worried due to the significant changes from one system to another, they were afraid of not being able to use it properly. There were two factors here that eventually made it possible for us to move forward, Larry's attitude to offer us all the necessary advice and support to be able to adjust their system to our sales model, and that I told myself that we had to make this work as best we could.

After a few weeks of advice and adjustments between our respective systems departments, our customers were finally able to buy their trips online again at the beginning of December 2021.

We highly recommend the GoFish.Rocks reservation system and especially its promoter Larry Murphy, who thanks to his knowledge of computer systems and marketing has helped us to keep our status as leaders in our industry in Ensenada, Mexico.

Sergio Susarrey, owner
Sergio's Sportfishing Center